What Women Talk About When They Talk About Sex: Podcast #2

This is the second in a series of podcasts that share some of the discussion from a group ‘What women talk about when they talk about sex’ that took place at Glasgow Women’s Library during spring and Summer 2015 as part of our Sex in The Women’s Library Season supported by the Wellcome Trust.

Quote from What Women Talk about When They Talk About Sex discussion group participantIt’s a wee bit disappointing that no-one has said, “I am having sex three times a day and it is fucking fantastic.” You know, or, “It’s great.” Or, “My partners are all wonderful and my mother was a font of knowledge and really supportive.” You know? So it’s kind of like a wee bit kinda – am I still fucked up, but not fucked up in the right way?

In this session the group talk extensively about our shifting pleasures in sex, about the importance or otherwise of orgasms and the dynamics of discovering, negotiating around and navigating what we want and need in our sexual lives.

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