Were you involved in Castlemilk Womanhouse?

Claire Barclay resized I know Im Cool 2
Castlemilk Womanhouse, I Know I’m Cool, ©Claire Barclay

GWL is currently working on a project called HOUSE WORK CASTLE MILK WOMAN HOUSE as part of the Scotland-wide festival GENERATION (a celebration of 25 years of Contemporary Art in Scotland http://generationartscotland.org/ ). As part of Generation we are working with the artist Kate Davis on a project which explores the history of Castlemilk Womanhouse.

Castlemilk Womanhouse was an ambitious community arts project started in the 1990s by women artists working in Glasgow, and was a crucible for the development of Glasgow Women’s Library and women artists working in Scotland. As a community arts project it was also incredibly pioneering in the way that it made connections with women in the Castlemilk Community, and had a significant impact on many of the women who took part.

39 Glenacre Quadrant resized
Castlemilk Womanhouse, 39 Glenacre Quadrant, ©Claire Barclay

As part of HOUSE WORK CASTLE MILK WOMAN HOUSE, we are really keen to hear from and talk to women who had any involvement in the Castlemilk Womanhouse project. This includes artists, women in the Castlemilk Community, visitors to the project and supporters.

Questions we are particularly keen to have responses to are:

–       How did you both first become aware of Castlemilk Womanhouse and what were your initial feelings towards the project?

–       Could you describe your involvement in the Castlemilk Womanhouse project… It would be great to hear your memories of any workshops you undertook, artworks you made, experiences you had, events you attended….Were you participating in and attending Castlemilk Womahouse on a regular basis or just occasionally?

–       Were you involved at Castlemilk Womanhouse from 1990 onwards? How did your involvement in/ experience of the project alter?

–       How do you feel the project was received by the local community? By the art community? By Glasgow City Council and any funding bodies?

–     Were you part of the project when Castlemilk Womanhouse moved on 39 Glenacre Quad? And if so, could you tell us about the move – why it was necessary and how it might have altered the project.

–       What impact do you feel Castlemilk Womanhouse has had on your working and personal life since?

–       Are there any other people who were involved with the project that you feel it is important for us to contact and speak to?

–       Is there any other Castlemilk Womanhouse related material, that we might not be aware of, that we should try to locate?

–       Do you have any other comments about or memories of Castlemilk Womanhouse that you would like to share with us?

We are very keen to hear from a wide range of people, so if you do have any memories or thoughts to contribute please get in touch with Alice at GWL (alice.andrews@womenslibrary.org.uk)

shoe cupboard resized
Castlemilk Womanhouse, Shoe Cupboard, ©Claire Barclay

HOUSE WORK CASTLE MILK WOMAN HOUSE is part of the Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme, a partnership between the Glasgow 2014 Organising Committee, Glasgow Life, and Creative Scotland through National Lottery funding.