Captured Hearts: New Brunswick’s War Brides

Following the success of Melynda Jarratt’s “War Brides” released in 2007 which undovered the hidden history of British War Brides in Canada, Melynda has written a follow up book called “Captured Hearts: New Brunswick’s War Brides” and we are lucky enough to have Melynda visit from Canada to hold a session at GWL on her new work.

Captured Hearts: New Brunswick’s War Brides
by Melynda Jarratt

Imagine you’re a young British or European woman caught up in the dramatic reality of war. You fall in love with and marry a soldier from a foreign country. When the war ends, you leave behind all you’ve ever known — family, friends, and way of life — for a new life in Canada. This is the story of nearly two thousand war brides who made their way to New Brunswick to join their servicemen husbands at the end of the Second World War.

Melynda will be bringing Mrs Boone with her to the library, a wonderful women and war bride, originally from Scotland who has been living in Canada for over 50 years and is willing to share her experiences and stories with Glasgow Women’s Library.

This free event is taking place on:
Friday, 24 July 2009 at 2pm

For bookings and more information: please call 0141 552 8345 or contact Laura at the Library.

This event is running as part of the Women Make History project.