Charlotte Osdalen

Harpies & Quines: creating a platform and giving support

Harpies & Quines celebrated its first birthday (No. 7 June/July 1993) with an edition filled to the brim with women’s writings – a testimonial to show the incredible amount of fictional writing sent to them by their readers, and the importance of giving space to these voices when the literary establishment didn’t.

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Harpies & Quines: Representing their readers’ letters with campaigns to end Violence Against Women

The tone of Harpies & Quines is one of solidarity and unity, appealing to Scottish women and feminists to stand together. For this post, I would like to give space to magazine no. 5, February/March 1993.

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Harpies & Quines: 25 years on and relevant as ever

Hi! I’m Charlotte, 25, currently doing an MLitt in Gender Studies at the University of Stirling. For my research placement, I am delving into the world of the 1990’s Scottish feminism (which is a bit daunting, as I’m Norwegian). This is 1 of 4 posts for my blog-series revolving around the magazine I’m focusing on in […]

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