Artist in Residence for the Women of Glasgow

The Franki Raffles Residency

Mandy McIntosh is Artist in Residence for the Women of Glasgow, based between Castlemilk Community and Glasgow Women’s Library. The aims of the project are to reflect on the legacy of Franki Raffles’ work within the Zero Tolerance campaign.

Zero Tolerance launched in 1992 to radically highlight violence against women. The collective title of the project is The Central Role of Zero. The artist perceives the original campaign as an absolute statement to grow from and considers broader aspects of 0 as a symbol and a space for women.

Working with women’s groups, services and individuals, Mandy McIntosh will shape new work for women in the city.

Blog posts from Artist in Residence Mandy McIntosh:

The Days After International Women’s Day

The residency has progressed and evolved into such an unexpected shape, the sheer momentum of engagement and response to women has made time slip away. There are four months to go and on Thursday 19th of March we are having a meeting to discuss what has been achieved and what is proposed for the final […]

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Video Tape against Violence

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Castlemilk, Pink Walls, Christine’s Cafe

I’ve been to Castlemilk several times now, meeting Julie MacLeod from Glasgow Life and introducing myself to the Domestic Abuse Project situated in the community centre. They have just installed wifi in the community centre, so its possible to get a cup of tea and get on line. When I was there, several mothers were […]

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