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New books to borrow

New books to borrow from the GWL bookshelves.

Inside one of the archive stores at GWL. Credit: GWL

Access to the Archive and Museum collections

Our archive and museum collections will be closed to researchers from 11th October to 4th November 2019.

Lil Rollers colouring book cover, featuring a gleeful young roller derby player leaping with her arms out.

NMRD Object of the Month: Lil Rollers Colouring Book

The National Museum of Roller Derby is the UK’s first permanent collection of ephemera and memorabilia relating to the sport of Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby. October 2019’s NMRD Object of the month is the Lil Rollers Colouring Book.

Image of a decorated piece of recycled cardboard. Stickers in the centre of the cardboard spell out the hashtag GWL Digital Reads. In the top left-hand cornern is a cut out logo of the Glasgow Women's Library. In the bottom right corner is a round sticker with an illustration of two hands holding an open book with a red cover. The sticker reads fully booked in turquoise.

Podcast: Dina Nayeri Interview

GWL Digital Reads bring you a podcast with Dina Nayeri, author of The Ungrateful Refugee.

Seeing Things trip to “Claiming Back the Narrative”

Seeing Things is a group that meet up to see art, performances and cultural events put on by women across Glasgow and beyond. We think it’s more fun to go to see things together, and we usually have a cup of tea or coffee afterwards.  Our trips are always free. It would be great if you […]

Take One Action Logo

Take One Action: Sisters Strand

Ahead of this years Take One Action film festival (and our partnership event Disruption is Fertile) we hear from Executive Director Tamara Van Strijthem who reflects on the importance of female voices being at the very heart of the festival, both behind and in front of the camera.

Qui Jin (Vote 100 animation screenshot)

Qiu Jin

Qiu Jin was a Chinese revolutionary feminist and poet who was known as China’s Joan of Arc.

Sojourner Truth (Vote 100 animation screenshot)

Sojourner Truth

At a meeting of women’s rights activists the noise from heckling clergymen was so bad that no one could quieten them. Then Sojourner Truth spoke out: ‘Ain’t I a Woman?’ By the time she finished, the disrespect had turned to a roar of approval.

Catherine Hogg-Blair (Vote 100 animation screenshot)

Catherine Hogg-Blair

Catherine Hogg-Blair was a Suffragette from East Lothian whose farm was a secret refuge for Scottish suffragettes who had been released from prison under the Cat and Mouse Act.

Doria Shafik (Vote 100 animation screenshot)

Doria Shafik

Doria Shafik was one of the principal leaders of the women’s liberation movement in Egypt in the mid-1940s. She founded an Egyptian feminist organization called The Daughters of The Nile, dedicated to educating and organizing working women of all classes.