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Literature Beyond Borders

We’re absolutely thrilled to be embarking on a new friendship with The Second Floor (T2F) at PeaceNiche, a not-for-profit NGO based in Karachi, Pakistan. This partnership is possible with thanks to the British Council.

April Book Picnic Recommendations

On the first Wednesday of every month, GWL team members and volunteers share what we’ve read recently at our Book Picnic. In the current climate, our Book Picnic takes place remotely, giving all of us some valuable social interaction and providing us with many excellent book suggestions… The Binding by Bridget Collins  Set in a […]

Collecting voices in The Time of Coronavirus.

Over the last few months Gender studies placement student Louise Sidey has been collecting oral accounts from some of the staff and volunteers at GWL as part of the exhibit, Collecting in The Time of Corona Virus. I set out to record an oral history of staff and volunteers at the women’s library because collecting […]

A photo of the front of GWL, with a blackboard sign saying 'Hello, Everyone Welcome' in front.

Reopening in May 2021

We’re over the moon to announce that Glasgow Women’s Library will re-open on Tuesday 4th May at 11am. We are taking a phased approach to re-opening, and our opening hours for May will be 11am – 4pm, Tuesday – Friday.

Class notebook with typed verse beside a small paperback play titled The Cricket Match, New Era Academy certificates with gilt borders and a book titled The Elocutionists

Clearing out: The Cricket Match

We’re delighted to share another blog post by GWL donor Shirley Henderson. Here, she voices the memories of elocution lessons sparked by treasures unearthed during a clear out.

'Spring Equi-Knocks' - Bout Programme. London Rockin' Rollers vs Glasgow Roller Girls March 21st 2009

NMRD Programme of the Month: April 2021

Roller derby dismantles what it means to be ‘feminine’. It mixes adrenaline with ferocity and the provocative. It used to be that players would wear outfits similar to the one depicted in the artwork above. Shorts and skirts were paired with fishnet tights and tank tops. This is often illustrated in the graphics and artwork of roller derby bout programmes, posters, leaflets, and ephemeral materials such as postcards and stickers etc.

Open the Door wide image

Open the Door 2021: Programme Launch

OPEN THE DOOR: SCOTLAND’S WOMEN WRITERS FESTIVAL Thursday 20th – Saturday 22nd May 2021 We are delighted to announce the 2021 Open the Door programme, the literary festival that puts women to the fore. Inspired by Glasgow’s long history of bold, creative women, the theme this year is writers who are artists and artists who are writers, and […]

The Witch, the Raven, and the Festival

Isabel Greenberg’s Art Celebrates the Forgotten Women of Shetland History You could be mistaken for thinking the Up Helly Aa festival was all sunshine and rainbows because I suppose to an outside spectator who only knows that it’s one of the Shetland Isles biggest annual festivals it does look spectacular. I was also once this […]

bout programme for Daylight Slayings: a double header (NRG Canny Belters v Glasgow Maiden Grrders and NRG Whippin' Hinnies v Furness Firecrackers) dated SAturday 24th MArch 2012

NMRD Programme of the Month: March 2021

In response to the increasing brutality of the sport, players wear helmets, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards to help minimise injury. However, players show off their track rash and bruises proudly and it has become such a huge part of the roller derby sporting culture, which is now predominantly female led.

Finding Jessie

Jessie Stephen (1893-1979) was a twentieth-century British suffragette, labour activist and local councillor, who spent much of her life in Glasgow.