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Full steam ahead with #FlashFictionFriday

We have been thrilled with the quality and variety of flash fiction stories submitted in response to our first #FlashFictionFriday prompt.  “Wendy’s Strange Encounter” is an image we uncovered in a 1950’s annual for girls, one of many in our archive.  Although quite typical of the images found in publications for girls at that time, […]

Spring Programme Launch Night

A little review on launch night of GWL Spring Launch programme.

Welcome Our New Intern

We are happy to welcome our new intern, Mhairi, In this short blog post, she will be introducing herself and letting you know what she plans on doing at GWL.

Logo of Feminist Book Fortnight. Inital letters of organisation are used. The letters are embolded in lower case in black. A female gender symbol is seen hooked around the 'b'. The symbol is coloured purple.

Feminist Book Fortnight May 2019

We are happy to announce that Glasgow Women’s Library is one of many to participate in the event, ‘Feminist Book Fortnight’ in May 2019.

An illustration of a woman who has just come face to face with a bear. Above the illustration it says 'Wendy's Strange Encounter'

#FlashFictionFriday is back!

Placement student Sue introduces us to #FlashFictionFriday

A green tinted cover that shows two women standing with their bikes. The text reads "Glasgow Women's Library: February to May 2019. “The first law of ecology is that everything is connected to everything else.” ― Nan Shepherd, The Living Mountain"

Spring 2019 Programme Out Now!

Our Spring Programme 2019 is now available and you can pick up your copy of the beautiful printed brochure at GWL, take a look on our website, or download a pdf programme to find out all about events and projects happening this season.

1918 - 2018 Celebrating Votes for Women (Vote 100 logo)

Introducing our new intern

Ambra takes a moment to introduce herself as GWL’s latest intern, working with us for the next six months on our Vote 100 project.

Our volunteers and staff recommend… this month’s Book Picnic

With a varied selection of recommendations, January’s book picnic selection covers everything from non-fiction to children’s literature which means that there is something for everyone. Whilst the weather’s still cold outside, why not make your January a month for reading with these ideas from January’s book picnic?

New books you can borrow this month

From a one stop guide to the menopause to Sally Rooney’s second novel, the history of feminism and a courageous call to arms, collections by Samantha Irby, Nan Shepherd and Shatila Stories, or novels risking pain and consequence there is something for everyone.

Rachele Dunn reflects on her Visual Communication residency

Rachele, a graduate from the Glasgow School of Art, joined our team in 2017 and worked on a wide range of projects throughout her residency, from creating an arresting visual identity for the Open the Door festival which launched in May 2017 to designing a gender neutral sign for our toilets.