Collaborators, colleagues, supporters and contributors

Adele extends her sincere thanks to everyone who made space, shared insights, gave their time and helped her on the Clore Fellowship journey and in the Post Fellowship Research process.

Adele greatly appreciated funding support from: Clore Fellowship Leadership, Creative Scotland, British Council Scotland, British Council Brazil, British Council Kenya, AHRC.

Thanks to the Clore Fellows 2018/2019

Thanks to Research Assistant, Mae Moss.

Thanks to research team members, the volunteers, Board members, and staff at GWL who have provided encouragement, insights, information, book and website suggestions. Adele directly benefitted from contacts, expertise and care from: Sue John, Gabrielle Macbeth, Wendy Kirk, Caroline Gausden, Helen MacDonald, Mattie Roberts, Becca Lewis, Yan Kun, Kitty Smith, Ren Clark, Azita Jabbari, Annie Webster, Joy Charnley, Jo Gray, Rudie Yorke, Beverly McFarlane, Aileen Paterson, Alecia Wonsack, Kerry Irving, Mary-Alice McLellan, Beth Cowan, Laura Cañizares López, Zoe Strachan, Rachel Thain-Gray (in her capacity as GWL colleague and subsequently as an external PhD researcher), Katherine Wainwright and Karen Birch.

Thanks for their support in the early stages of my Clore journey to: Moira Jeffrey, Katie Reid, Sasha de Buyl, Fiona Dean and Samina Ansari.

Thanks to Museum of London staff including: Laura Wilkinson, Sarah Wajid and Sharon Ament.

Thanks to my mentor, Roly Keating.

Thanks to all involved in coaching in particular: Emma Haughton, Isabel Mortimer and Claire Antrobus.

Thanks to academic colleagues and researchers: Kyla McDonald, Helen De Main and Susannah Thompson.

Thanks to Helena Reckitt for academic support and supervision and to Feminist Duration Reading Group.

Thanks to Hilary Carty, Director of Clore Leadership for her support and encouragement.

Thanks for her encouragement, support and thought leadership throughout the research journey to Jemma Desai.

Thanks to all the representatives of the organisations and groups who were kind enough to provide interviews, grant conversations and allow recordings including those from:

Aparelha Luzia, Sao Paulo, Brazil
The Armory, Pasadena
Association of Art Museum Curators (AAMC)
Art Table
Bard Graduate Center
Biblioteca delle Donna, Bologna, Italy
Book Bunk, Nairobi
Collins Memorial Library, University of Puget Sound, USA
Docubox, Nairobi
Engender (Feminist Futures Conference, 2020)
Feminist Duration Reading Group
Glasgow Women’s Library
Interference Archive, Brooklyn
Lesbian Herstory Archives
Museum of London
National Museum of African American History & Culture
New York Public Library
New Museum New York
ONE Archives, the University of Southern California
The People’s Center, New York
Sackler Centre for Feminist Art, Brooklyn
United States Capitol Visitor Center
National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington
Women’s Centre for Creative Work, Los Angeles

Thanks to all the women who hosted me and supported this research through sharing their knowledge and connections including: Angela Wachuka, Wanjiru Koinange, Jane Carlin, Helena Reckitt, Isabel Moura Menzies, Liliane Rebelo, Silvia Lunazzi and Christina Becker.

Thanks to Sue John and Christine Patrick for their ongoing modelling of feminist leadership and eldership.

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