Register of Services for Scotland on Violence and Abuse, 2004

A booklet produced by Women’s Support Project, Glasgow, that makes up a register of specialist services for survivors of violence and abuse. The page shown from the booklet shows an […]

A green booklet with a black and white image across its centre. The image shows people standing against a fence that is topped with barbed wire.

The Greenham Factor, 1984

The booklet The Greenham Factor includes many personal quotes from the ordinary women who were involved in the Greenham Common protests.

An old booklet that is slightly browned with age. 'Towards Peace and Freedom' is written in bold lettering above a black and white illustration depicting an angel who looks fed up, surrounded by different objects.

Towards Peace and Freedom, 1919

Towards Peace and Freedom from The Women’s International Conference, Zurich, 1919.

A pink cover with the title in black capital letters. Along the right-hand side it reads, "Central Research Unit"

Researching Women in Rural Scotland, 2001

A booklet by the Scottish Executive on Researching Women in Rural Scotland, a report on a conference organised by the Scottish Executive in Inverness, 1 June 2001.

‘Fractures and Dislocations’

More information is available here:

Women and Menopause

‘I Am Your Sister: Black Women Organizing Across Sexualities’ Audre Lorde

Dykes, Disability & Stuff, 1992

Dykes, Disability & Stuff, 1992, Cover illustration by Ann Mazon Disabled Womyn’s Educational Project, Madison, WI. , story by Kathy Younger.

You Have Struck a Rock: Women and Political Repression in Southern Africa

A Charter for Women Workers Booklet