Speaking Out Learning Resource Downloads

The documents below – the Learning Resource Teacher/Facilitator Notes and Lesson Plans, the Young People’s Learning Booklet, and the Lesson Presentation – have been designed to be used together.

Woman Symbol Housing. Illustration, Scottish Women’s Aid newsletter, Spring 1987, page 24.

The Learning Resource Teacher/Facilitator Notes and Lesson Plans contain information about the Speaking Out project and Women’s Aid in Scotland, material about the resource themes, and suggestions on supporting young people while delivering the lessons. In addition to the detailed lesson plans, the document also contains information on how the resource connects with the Curriculum for Excellence. Teachers and facilitators should ensure they fully read the introductory sections of the document before beginning lesson delivery.

The Young People’s Learning Booklet contains examples and evidence for young people to use in completing lesson activities. The list of extra sources provided in the Additional Resources and Further Reading section of the website may also be of use to teachers/facilitators and young people for certain activities.

The Lesson Presentation has been designed for use with a classroom smart board and contains lesson instructions and questions. It isn’t necessary for completing the activities but is a useful tool to assist teachers and facilitators in guiding young people through the lessons.


The film and audio oral history interview excerpts referred to in the learning resource can be found in in Speaking Out Learning Resource Audio-visual Material. Links to references & further reading are also available.

This project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, and was a partnership between Scottish Women’s Aid, Glasgow Women’s Library, the Glasgow University Centre for Gender History and Women’s History Scotland.

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