This is a list of resources and events from Open the Door 2020. 

Calm Slam

Calm Slam winner and runner-up

Calm Slam Finalist Films

Find Your Words – hints and tips on performance poetry from Courtney Stoddart

Digital Slam

Digital Slam Winner

Digital Slam Round 1

Digital Slam Round 2

Digital Slam Final

Historical Authors

Jessie Kesson

Quotes from Jessie Kesson

Maria Firmina dos Reis – with links to a synopsis of Úrsula

Quotes from Maria Firmina dos Reis

Wangari Maathai

Quotes from Wangari Maathai



DJCAD animations

Jessie Kesson

Maria Firmina dos Reis

Wangari Maaathai

Gillian Burke on Wangari Maathai

Gillian’s video introduction

Gillian on Wangari – Far from Home

Gillian on Wangari – Environmentalism

Gillian on Wangari – “Eco”

Gillian’s Nature booklist

Podcasts, Films and Blogs

Nature Writing with The Nature Library, produced by Jennifer Wood

Braemarnia: A Village’s Story of Nature and Myth with Open University Scotland

About Book Bunk

GWL’s Book Bunk Friendship

GWL + Flup podcast

Eco-feminist books with Rebecca Jones

Emily Ilett on Asha de Vos – My Conservation Hero

The Nan Shepherd Prize on nature writing

The Nan Shepherd Prize – Magazines and Awards

The Nan Shepherd Prize – Breaking Down the Brief

OU Scotland’s Crossing Borders workshop

Dylsexia-Friendly books


About #BirdsongHaiku

Read your Birdsong Haikus here

#BirdsongHaiku Twitter thread

Flup Rio

Flup Rio poetry slam blog post

Black Activism and Movement Building: Perspectives from Brazil blog post

GWL + FLUP: The Poetry Slam Podcast

GWL + FLUP: The Podcast with Funmilola Fagbamila

GWL + FLUP: The Podcast with Natasha A. Kelly

Reading Lists

Book Bunk Reading List

BAME Reading List Curated by Azita Jabbari

Trans Reading List

Nature Reading List Curated by Gillian Burke

Motherhood, Environment, Futurity in the GWL Library Collection by Georgia Walton