Postcard: “This is ‘THE HOUSE’ that man built…” (Pro-Suffrage)

Part of the Museum & Women's Suffrage collections.

A pro-suffrage postcard that puts a spin on a series of anti-suffrage postcards that are based on the rhyme ‘This is the house that Jack built’.

The postcard shows a woman and man walking with the Houses of Parliament in the background. The postcard has a poem “This is “THE HOUSE” that man built, And these are the Members who’ve been sitting late Coming out arm in arm, from a lengthy debate, Women and men ‘neath the shade of Big Ben In the Year – well we cannot exactly say when, But the brave Suffragette very shortly must get, Into “THE HOUSE” that man built.

Dated Feb 22 1911, Kensington.

Inscription on reverse: Shall we ever be taken as bad as this. Love M. Weather is perfect.
Addressed to Miss Matthews, St Botolphs, Sevenoaks, Kent

Published by ‘BB London’ – Birn Brothers Ltd

Item details

Date: Early 20th Century

Catalogue record: 2015.92.3

Type of object:

Material or medium: Printed Material

Dimensions: 14.5 cm x 10.5 cm

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