Postcard: “This is ‘The House’ that man built…” (Anti-Suffrage)

Part of the Museum & Women's Suffrage collections.

An anti-suffrage postcard with a rhyming poem that ridicules the Suffragettes. It is one from a series that were published based on the children’s rhyme ‘This is the house that Jack built’.

A harrassed policeman shepherds two comically plain women to the accompaniment of an anti-Suffragette poem. “This is ‘The House’ that man built. And this is the policeman all tattered and torn, Who wished women voters had never been born, Who nevertheless, Tho it caused him distress, Ran them all in, In spite of their dress: The poor Suffragette Who wanted to get Into the house that man built.”

Inscription on reverse: “Don’t you wish to be a Suffragette. Mrs N. would like to see you she is just [illegible word] we are only staying till the morning Tuesday it is not nice weather M.S.”
Addressed to: Mrs J Cooper, Gairside [?] Terrace, Conundey [?], Nr. Reighley, Yorkshire. Postmarked Morecombe.

Published by ‘BB London’ – Birn Brothers Ltd

Item details

Date: Early 20th Century

Catalogue record: 2010.46

Type of object:

Material or medium: Printed Material

Dimensions: 14.5 cm x 10.5 cm

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