Lines of Flight

Sarah Ciurysek

Adrienne Rich Twenty-One Love Poems Can be read online here. Find more information here. WEBSITE The Eloquent Woman An Anthology of Optimism VIDEO Mad Men, Season 1, Episode 1 View it here. Rainer Variations (Charles Atlas) EAI Available on DVD boxset, Rainer, Yvonne, A Woman Who…: Selected Works of Yvonne Rainer. Video Data Bank 2005. […]

Huey Copeland

Harriet Jacobs Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (1861) Available here.

Anne-Marie Copestake

Suggested accompaniments: …perhaps a Dubonnet cocktail (Zaza), or for non-alcoholic red grape and raspberry juice, and both with roasted lightly salted almonds, or tiny slices celery and soft goat’s cheese. And glasses of water. “In December 1856, Héricourt had published an article in La Revue philosophique entitled “Proudhon and the Woman Question,” which informed readers […]

Abraham Cruzvillegas

To be accompanied by dry martinis: Lucinda Williams: White Slavery Versus the Ethnography of Sexworkers From Moving Image 5, No. 2, Fall 2005 Speaking of Soft Core From Cinema Journal 47, No. 2, Winter 2008 Cinema and the Sex Act From Cineaste 27, No. 1, Winter 2001 Mister Strangelove From Sight & Sound 19, No. […]

Kate Davis

To be enjoyed with “an excellent prosecco, lots of sparkling water and home made gluten-free polenta cake.” Janet Frame To The Is-Land Volume 1 of autobiography (1982). London: Women’s Press, 1984./NY: George Braziller, 1991 (3 vol. edition). Find more information on Janet Frame’s website. Teresa Margolles et. al. ¿De qué otra cosa podríamos hablar? (What […]

Juliet Davis

Pamela R. Fletcher Whose Body Is It Anyway? Transforming Ourselves to Change a Rape Culture In Buchwald, Fletcher & Roth (eds.), Transforming a Rape Culture Minneapolis, MN: Milkweed Editions (2005) Can be read here. Faith Wilding Vulvas With a Difference Read it here. VIDEO bell hooks Cultural Criticism and Transformation An interview with bell hooks, […]

Sandra Davis

To be enjoyed with Dove’s Farm digestive biscuits and herbal tea Marilyn French The Women’s Room London: Virago, 1997 See here and here for more information.

Kathryn Elkin

To be enjoyed with a pot of black tea, “something light like Earl or Lady Grey”. “I think I would like to eat madeleines for fun, although I have never had one before. In the Proust madeleine moment, the cake is dunked in lemon verbena tea I think, so we should have some of that […]

Hannah Ellul

I wanted to propose something that, in a hypothetical reading group, could open up a discussion of female experimental music. For me this isn’t a tangential question but really the first area that introduced me to an important range of female artists and collaborations between women, an area which made the question of positive female-led […]

Jane Goldman

Virginia Woolf: A Room of One’s Own, 1929 Online here. Find more about Virginia Woolf here and here. Thoughts on Peace in an Air Raid, 1940 Online here.