Wendy Kirk

All the truth that’s in me

Anabel recommends: All the truth that’s in me by Julie Berry The place and time of this story for teenagers are never specified, but I’m guessing colonial era America. After two years missing, Judith comes home with her tongue cut out. Her friend, Lottie, who disappeared around the same time as she did, is dead. […]

Daughters of Time

History is about chaps is still all too true a saying. So it’s up to the fabulous History Girls to balance this approach with stories of impressive and inspiring women and girls – we were spoilt for choice.

Fun-home by Alison Bechdel

Fun Home is probably the best bridge between books and graphic novels you will find. It has everything you would want from a graphic novel, it’s short and sweet, features a loveable art style and the font is clear and easy to read.

Show you love us on International Book Giving Day!

On Friday 14th February 2014, it’s International Book Giving Day.  This day encourages you to simply make the world a better place by donating a book! We’re working hard (with no book budget!) to build up an exciting and inspiring collection of books for girls and young women.  We’ve had great support so far from […]

Half lives

An addition to GWL’s collection of books for younger women, Half LIves is entertaining and exciting, but will also make the reader think about the way we treat our world today.

Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies

Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies are the first parts of a trilogy about Thomas Cromwell, who rose from humble beginnings as a blacksmith’s son to the highest offices of the Tudor state. The final part of the trilogy will be published next year and, even although I know how it must end, I can’t wait. I love what Mantel has done with the character of Cromwell.

We love Banned Books

Be inspired by some challenging books this month as we celebrate Banned Books Week.

Buddha Da

Once the first page is opened you can’t put it down. An absolute treasure of a book.

The Bicycle Book

By the end of this book, you’ll be simply dying for your next chance to get on your bike and see where the road will take you! I know I was!

The living mountain

This is not an epic climb to a summit, it is a savouring of sleep on the heather of a sun warmed mountainside, of a gentle communion with foals and plants and rivulets.