Sophie Robinson

Image of all men politicians standing at a conference, with text above 'WE NEED MORE WOMEN AT COP26'

COP26: Where are all the women?

SHEChangesClimate is a movement formed in response to the COP26 leadership team consisting of all men. In this blog I discuss why it is necessary women are at the forefront of the climate movement, in order to ensure all voices and experiences are involved to make the progressive change needed to save our planet.

Illustration of woman hugging a globe with text around saying "climate change is a feminist issue"

Gender and Climate Change

Climate Change is a feminist issue. This blog introduces the debate around women and climate change.

COP26 Glasgow Logo. COP26 in bold letters and a snapshot of the world in green and purple. Dates 1st-12th November 2021.

COP26 Explained

COP26 is due to take place this November in Glasgow. But what does that mean? This blog introduces the United Nations 26th Climate Change Conference and details why it is so important.