Ruoying Chen

Working is Beautiful: Interview with a Librarian

Ruoying brings you an interview with her grandmother, Li Julan (李菊兰), who will turn 81 this year. She worked at the library for 30 years before retirement and served as the deputy director of Huzhou City Library, China.

Women in Musicals

Hi readers! Welcome to my blog. My name is Ruoying and I’m a placement student at GWL. This time I will introduce women characters in musicals! Women figures, as in literature, have formed a significant part of musical theatres. Women were not only supporting characters but also the focus of many productions. In this blog, I will present altogether 13 female characters from 6 musical theatres covering three different languages. Some of them played their role in history and some are fictional characters.

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This blog series focuses on Chinese Mandarin fanfiction creation, whose authors are overwhelming women.