Paulina Krzyzaniak

It’s all about Politics

The Scottish Abortion Campaign (SAC) has been engaged with many pro-choice campaigns, as they have been systematically working for equal access to contraception and abortion across Scotland, while commenting on all actions directed against women’s rights worldwide. For a long time, the SAC did not received any support from the political scene. In 1992, however, one party introduced a new programme that included equal access to abortion.

Gillick case and women rights under attack

The collection of the  Scottish Abortion Campaign in Glasgow’s Women’s Library archives does not only include reports, letters and brochures, but also a great number of newspaper cuttings dedicated to women’s reproductive rights.

Abortion in Scotland and Poland in 1980s

In a 1990 letter, Liz Armstrong wrote that the Scottish Abortion Campaign is primarily a Scottish Campaign dealing with the different problems that women had in Scotland, where the law, education system and way of providing NHS care was different to England and Wales at that time.

Letters from the Scottish Abortion Campaign in GWL’s Archives

Paulina writes about the beginning of her placement at the GWL archive looking at Scottish Abortion Campaigns through the 1970s-1980s.