Myriam Aribaud

A transformative summer: my volunteering experience at Glasgow Women’s Library

My name is Myriam, I was a student placement at Glasgow Women’s Library for the summer, ending today. I want to share my experience with you and maybe even motivate you to try it out for yourself!

Book covers (from left to right and up to down): Pachinko, Wives of Daughers, Wild Swans, Revolting Prostitutes, Selected poems by Rossetti, A Room of One's Own

Books at Glasgow Women’s Library I would recommend: to whom and why

Glasgow Women’s Library has an impressive collection of books. I often wonder about all the books I do not pick, all the books I do not even know the library has. So, here is my little list of books available at GWL I would personally recommend, to whom and why.

Collage of photos from the Korean women in History article.

Korean Women in History

If you have been to the library recently you may have noticed the banner next to Front of House on which is written “Safeguarding the history of your grandmothers, Hearing the memories of your mothers, Providing inspiration for your daughters”. It is in the spirit of this trans-generational effort to uplift and support women, past and present, that I decided to write this article on great Korean women in history.

A large white flag with the slogan 'No Cover Up' hanging from the front of the GWL building. Ingrid Pollard, 'No Cover Up', 2021. Photo: Alan Dimmick

Ingrid Pollard: No Cover Up – Political Protests in the 80s

If you have visited the library since May 28th, you will have noticed the exhibition No Cover Up by the artist Ingrid Pollard spread all throughout the library. Especially striking is her Demo Frieze in the lending library with its images of protests on long banners of fabric. […] They highlight the many political fronts on which British lesbians, especially British Black lesbians, were fighting during the 80s. It is a new perspective on the Lesbian archive here in the library as well as on the link between race, sexuality, and gender when it comes to politics.