Mandy Mcintosh

The Days After International Women’s Day

The residency has progressed and evolved into such an unexpected shape, the sheer momentum of engagement and response to women has made time slip away. There are four months to go and on Thursday 19th of March we are having a meeting to discuss what has been achieved and what is proposed for the final […]

Video Tape against Violence

Castlemilk, Pink Walls, Christine’s Cafe

I’ve been to Castlemilk several times now, meeting Julie MacLeod from Glasgow Life and introducing myself to the Domestic Abuse Project situated in the community centre. They have just installed wifi in the community centre, so its possible to get a cup of tea and get on line. When I was there, several mothers were […]

Women’s Support Project, Glasgow 11.9.14

The Women’s Support Project is in the Gorbals, they represent decades of commitment to the rights of women and they house a library that reflects this temporal gathering and sharing of information. Glasgow Women’s Library acquired the WSP archive a while ago, and I have already been starting to look at this but I spent some time looking […]

September: Sabr, Services and Support

This September I have been introducing myself and making contact with support services for women in Glasgow, to research and look at who can engage in the work once that takes more shape. On the 9th of September I met with Say Women who are  “A voluntary organisation which offers safe, supported accommodation and related […]

Life Project Technology

2(a) From three to…(RAPE)

One of the first things I found in the Zero Tolerance Archive boxes, a large format negative by Franki Raffles. This is one of the key images from the original 1992 campaign. The caption on this Zero Tolerance poster stated “From three to ninety-three, women are raped.”

Day One in July

22.07.14 All the new people I met today were women. I am from the North, I live in the South, I acknowledge the West and now I’m in the East. The East of Glasgow is mainly unfamiliar to me, which I like, the unfamiliarity makes everything more potruded.I am more alert. I came on my […]