Katie Reid

GWL's logo has a festive feel with snow, a wreath and the women symbol has a scarf and gloves.

GWL logo gets a festive makeover!

As we prepare for our ‘Mull Over Ethical Gifts’ event we hear from GWL volunteer Heather who has given our logo a festive makeover.

Layered fabric with indistinct text in background. Words on white text in foreground which reads 'I just want people to be kind.. it would make a hell of a difference'.

Jessica On Finding Your Feet

This summer we had the delight of hosting Jessica on her student placement. Now back home she is continuing to contribute to the life of GWL through supporting with Seeing Things research and social media. Below, we hear from Jessica as she reflects on her time, and learning, at GWL this summer. 

Yellow fabric tied up with a red ribbon and a large label describing that it has been donated by Adele and was once part of a make-shift table-cloth for pot luck parties at GWL.

A Banner for GWL – donate fabric to Fiona!

Artist Fiona Jack is making a banner for GWL to include in her exhibition here in 2018. We would love you to help by donating fabric for the banner before 4th October.

Books on GWL's library shelves, Ajay Close's 'A Petrol Scented Spring' is the focus.

GWL events speak to the Collection

GWL’s Production Coordinator, Katie Reid, shares what she loves about GWL and one of her favourite items from the GWL collection for our GWL 25 blog series.

Flash Fiction Fridays!

As part of our 25th birthday celebrations we’ll be hosting Flash Fiction Fridays every Friday between Friday 16th September and Friday 16th December on Twitter!

GWL programmes Autumn

Autumn Programme Launched at GWL

Our Autumn Programme 2016 is now officially launched!

Programme for 25th Birthday Autumn 2016

Looking forward to the launch of our Autumn Programme…

Ahead of launching our Autumn programme we hear from Elizabeth Ford and Brianna Robertson-Kirkland who are recent PhD graduates in music from the University of Glasgow. Elizabeth and Brianna are hosting an incredible day at the library to research and discuss women’s education in the arts in the 18th century on Thursday 8th September, one of the earliest events in our new programme which we launch on 18th August.

Call For Proposals: Women’s Education in the Long 18th Century

The Women and Education in the Long 18th Century workshop aims to bring together researchers and artists who work in this broad but important subject, spanning several topics including gender history, music, theatre, dance, literature, and education. In June, the project seeks proposals of 10 minute presentations, on a range of connected subjects.

Faith and the First World War at the University of Glasgow 21st to 22nd July

Faith and the First World War Conference takes place at University of Glasgow, 21st to 22nd July, and a programme of events to mark the centenary of the Women’s Peace Crusade will take place on 23rd July, here at Glasgow Women’s Library.

Walking group walk along a pavement surrounded by trees.

Women’s Heritage Walks and Bike Rides this Summer

Our summer programme is packed full of exciting events, including our ever popular Women’s Heritage Walks, two Women’s Heritage Bike Rides, and our new Women of the Gorbals workshop series where you could help develop a new Women’s Heritage Walk for the Gorbals!