Jennifer Stewart

Women and WW1: 1914 from a Suffragist Perspective

With the outbreak of WW1 in the summer of 1914, the campaign for women’s right to vote was officially put on hold. However, looking at the attitudes in 1914 of leading Suffragists in GWL’s collection of ‘Jus Suffragii’, the mouthpiece of the International Women’s Suffrage Alliance, it is evident that the goal of suffrage was still highly relevant even during this time of upheaval.

Women's Barracks, 1964.1964 reprint of 1962 Consul Book edition

Pulp Queens: Judging ‘Women’s Barracks’ by its cover

‘Women’s Barracks’ by Tereska Torres is often celebrated as the first true work of lesbian literature and the catalyst for a boom in the lesbian pulp fiction genre. But what does the changing nature of the novel’s cover art over time reveal about the perceptions towards lesbian literary identity and the success of the genre during and after the ‘golden era’ of lesbian pulps?