Dragon's Pen 2013 Winners Lucy Lloyd and Lynn Valentine

Dragon’s Pen 2013: The Winners!

Last night’s Dragon’s Pen was a wonderfully creative and supportive event. The shortlists for both poems and short stories were really strong and the judges had a real struggle to come to a decision. We are delighted to announce the winners…

The GWL Team with a model of our future home in Bridgeton

This Is Who We Are

This Is Who We Are is a series of talks and walks to celebrate the move to our new home. As well as giving an entertaining and informative introduction to who we are and what we do, we will also be introducing some of the Firebrand Women from our collections.

Dragon’s Pen Winning Short Story: Judith Stevenson – COLOUR

Following on from last week’s winning poem, our Dragon’s Pen winner in the short story category was Judith Stevenson’s COLOUR. Again, our judges universally loved this one. Some of their comments were: “The use of colour, particularly in the opening paragraphs, is strong and evocative. What a wonderful idea, to structure a story about loss […]

Dragon’s Pen Winning Poem: Ruth Johnston – WED

Our Dragon’s Pen poetry winner was a wonderful piece called Wed, by Ruth Johnston. Our judges – Laura Marney, Kirsty Logan, Magi Gibson and Wendy Kirk – all loved this one. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Dragon’s Pen – Winning entries in full

Here are the winning entries for our Dragon’s Pen competition in full. We were overwhelmed by the number and standard of entries we received and we are sure you will agree that these are two very worthy winners. An audio podcast of Judith and Ruth reading their entries will be available soon.

Final set of Dragon’s Pen Snippets

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading all the snippets from the Dragon’s Pen entries. Next week, we will have the winning short story and the winning poem in full and, after that, you will be able to download podcasts of the authors reading their winning entries. The exhibition of all the entries we received is still available to view at GWL, so do come along and enjoy a cup of tea and a good read.

Penultimate Dragon’s Pen Snippets

We hope you enjoy this week’s snippets. We only have one more week to go and after that we will be blogging the full text of the winning entries.

Dragon’s Pen Snippets

Dragon’s Pen – the gift that keeps on giving! Here are some more extracts from all the wonderful entries we received.

More Dragon’s Pen Snippets

The Dragon’s Pen entries provide a never-ending feast of lovely words. Here are some more snippets. And you can still come and read the full poems and stories in our exhibition at GWL.

Dragon’s Pen Snippets for this Week

We emerged from our prison like hostel with its high steel bunk beds and stained hairy blankets.