21 Revolutions

A.L. Kennedy’s ‘Stitches’

A.L. Kennedy’s 21 Revolutions piece ‘Stitches’ is evocative and poignant, while also displaying the writer’s trademark humour and political awareness. The piece is inspired by knitting patterns from GWL’s collections, and Kennedy comments on the nostalgia that surrounds the process of knitting in the 21 Revolutions podcast (available here). Although ‘Stitches’ isn’t typically nostalgic, the […]

Denise Mina’s ‘Ernest Hemingway’s Third Wife’

For my first contribution to the 21 Revs blog I have decided to discuss Denise Mina’s ‘Ernest Hemingway’s Third Wife’, a work from 21 Revolutions: New writing and prints inspired by the collection at Glasgow Women’s Library which I found particularly interesting. You can listen to a podcast of Denise reading the text here. The […]