Connecting with Kurdish women

A few months ago a former volunteer, Jenni, contacted us to let us know about a group of women setting up a women’s library in the Kurdish region of Iraq where she had spent some time volunteering. Would we like to make a connection? Of course, we did!

So our volunteer Joy has been in touch with the group and we hope to share more news about their work as they become more established.

But for now here is a short introduction, in the group’s own words:

We are a group of women in Kurdistan, and about a year ago, before the Covid-19 crisis started, we came together and talked about the need for an archive, research centre and library for women in Kurdistan and for Kurdish women all over the world. We were all so excited but also inexperienced in this area, so we researched other similar experiences in different parts of the world and aimed to build up contacts. 

One year on, there are still millions of steps that we need to take in order to move forward. At the moment for example we are dealing with some procedures in order to obtain the necessary official permissions and that’s why we want to take our time before establishing relations at the institutional level.

Of course, it will be very precious for us to hear about GWL’s  experiences and  benefit from your advice. We are currently preparing a small information pamphlet about the library, looking for an appropriate building, trying to solve financial problems… So, we would be glad if you accepted this message as a first step towards further cooperation.

Best regards to all of you and very warm greetings for all friends.

Thank you to Joy for making links with the group. We can’t wait to hear more about how they get on and wish them all the best with this exciting and important project.

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