GWL’s Subcity Radio Show for Fresher’s Week 2020

We had a fantastic time chatting books, women’s history, picking favourite songs, and recording kettle boiling sounds for Subcity Radio Fresher’s Festival 2020!

Listen to Glasgow Women’s Library’s on Subcity for Fresher’s Festival 2020.

Glasgow Women’s Library introduce you to their collections and projects. Learn from one of their Women’s History tour guides about how the West End connects to women’s education and voting rights, and drop in to a ‘Book Picnic’ where staff and volunteers chat about their favourite reads. We’ll also hear poetry from Create & Connect writers Jinling Wu and Abi Hayes, and listen to some tunes picked by the team.

You can download and read a Transcript of GWL Freshers Week Show 2020 in Microsoft Word.

Subcity have welcomed lots of incredible Glasgow organisations to join them in celebrating Freshers’ Week 2020 with radio shows for the occasion. You can find out what else is on the schedule here.

Don’t worry if you can’t listen all week long! The content will remain on Subcity’s website for you to listen to at your own time.


Subcity's blue circular logo with Fresher's Week 2020 banner featuring the dates 14th September to 20th September.

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