Spanish writers and reflections from Laura

Just before we went into lockdown in March, we were lucky enough to have Laura, a Spanish researcher, on placement from Spain.  During her time with us, she introduced us to some wonderful Spanish writers at our weekly Story Cafe (and treated us to some delicious Spanish snacks too!).

Laura’s been kind enough to share her research with us, so if you’re looking for an introduction to Spanish writers, this is a great start! From journalist and activist Carmen de Burgos, to political writer María Zambrano Alarcón, there are some incredible, trail-blazing women to discover.

Laura has also written some reflections on her time at GWL, which she’s shared below:

GWL – a dream come true

It was not my best moment neither my best year, but was the right place. This three months had been perfect to challenge and improve myself. Since I set foot in Glasgow all my worries vanished. I remember the first time in the library was really great, not only for the friendly-warm welcome of everyone there, also for the way you work. I suddenly understood Glasgow Women’s Library is a place for knowledge and valuing of women’s work, as well as a place to heal yourself.

I am afraid I am not the same now. I learnt too much there, working and researching about feminist organisations around the world, the different structures of this associations and studying the work of women’s writers. But most important, I learnt too much from all of you. Thanks everyone, to Gabrielle for being there when I needed it and care about I fit in with the place, to Adele and Mae for involving me in the amazing research project, to Wendy for her lovely and supportive way to work, to Dorothy for her kindness, and thanks also to the rest of the team for everything.

I want to say thanks as well to some volunteers, to Beth for her amazing welcome, to Selina for the funniest moments ever, to Jo for sharing chats and laughs with me. This is not a goodbye, even in my last day there I was sure about that. This is just the end of an excited adventure and the start of a new path. I am more confident now than in the beginning, because you all have showed me the dreams can come true, as this library is.

See you soon. Thanks again. Laura.



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