Green Learning

We’d like to share with you what has been recently been shaping our thinking about climate justice, carbon reduction and our role in caring for our environment.

Something to watch- An Introduction to Climate Justice

Guest speakers Nishma Doshi, a Climate Justice activist in Scotland and Ilisapeci Masivesi from Oxfam Pacific, talk about what climate justice means to them, looking at the Scottish perspective and examples from Fiji.

Something to read (or watch)- Towards a Feminist Green New Deal: A Policy Paper and Briefing

We joined this webinar for the launch of this paper which maps out the common themes in existing Green New Deal (GND) plans that are specific to the UK and analyses them using a feminist analytical framework that combines dimensions of substantive gender equality and principles of feminist ecological economics. It discusses the potential as well as the problems in existing GND plans and responds with a set of recommendations for what a feminist green new deal for the UK that addresses the goals of substantive gender equality and living within ecological limits would entail.

Full paper:


Something to listen to- Mothers of Invention podcast: Episode 5: Against the Grain

Several team members listened to this podcast before getting together on Zoom to discuss some of the key themes (access to food, food production, learning from women, social justice… BIG themes!) and find inspiration from these “mothers of invention”.

We found it hopeful, inspiring and empowering.  We hope you do too!


Do let us know if there is anything you think we should be reading, watching or listening to.


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