#Still Seeing Things April 2020: Linder, Tanoa Sasraku, Judy Chicago, Dorothea Lange

At GWL, we have a group called Seeing Things. The Seeing Things group get together to explore cultural events across Glasgow, such as (but not limited to!) art, music, theatre or comedy. Since the start of 2014, the group has visited exhibitions, art and performance events in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Since April 2020 we have taken Seeing Things online and despite the fact we’re staying at home we’re #StillSeeingThings and showcasing the work of women creatives from around the world.

Every other Wednesday afternoon at 12.30pm a GWL Volunteer takes over @womenslibrary Twitter (and sometimes Instagram!) to guide a virtual visit to an online exhibition or museum archive. No prior knowledge or interest is necessary and all are welcome to ask questions and share thoughts.

As it’s easy to miss things that happen on Twitter we’re gathering together the resources from each ‘trip’ so you can catch up in your own time… here’s what we saw in April!


We started off at our home, Glasgow Women’s Library, with Mairi guiding us through Linder’s Bower of Bliss

Gaby introduced us to the artist Tanoa Sasraku, who answered our questions on their exhibition O’ Pierrot at LUX

Mattie took us to the BALTIC Gateshead to see the work of the iconic Judy Chicago

Louise joined forces with the Norfolk Museum to give us an extensive insight into their wonderful collections

Mairi and Louise took us on a tour of an exhibition at MOMA NY of photographs by Dorothea Lange


If you have any trouble reading Twitter threads, here are the links to each of the threads I have posted and you can copy and paste them into the Thread Reader App and that should help to make their content clearer:

1st April: Mairi, Linder Bower of Bliss, GWL https://twitter.com/womenslibrary/status/1245315195939033089

8th April: Gaby, Tanoa Sasraku: O’ Pierrot, LUX https://twitter.com/womenslibrary/status/1247850290730217480

15th April: Mattie, Judy Chicago, Baltic https://twitter.com/womenslibrary/status/1250386055779553281

22nd April: Louise, Norfolk Museum https://twitter.com/womenslibrary/status/1252922683894923265

29th April: Mairi and Louise, Dorothea Lange, MOMA NY https://twitter.com/womenslibrary/status/1255459248366137346 https://twitter.com/womenslibrary/status/1255471375063699464

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