Ten Podcasts to Get You Through Quarantine

Our volunteer Rhia has curated a list of podcasts to keep you entertained, informed and amused.

In pre-Coronavirus Quarantine Life I enjoy podcasts more than most people, but during this time stuck at home, trying to stagger the spring clean, I’m relying on them to get me through the day more and more. I’m delighted to bring you my top-10 recommendations for the blog! There’s hopefully something in this list for everyone.

10. Criminal
First off, is what some might call the ultimate true crime podcast. The iconic voice of Phoebe Judge brings us different stories each episode that cover all aspects of crime and the justice system in the U.S. Think This American Life, but exclusively crime.

9. Griefcast
Writer, comedian and actor Cariad Lloyd’s podcast has the tagline, “Funny People Talking About Death” – what more is there to add?! It brilliantly deals with one of the often hilariously awful facts of life, and I promise it’s funnier than it sounds.

8. Hidden Histories
This podcast is a fairly recent addition to one of my favourite podcast networks, Dan Snow’s History Hit. Historian Helen Carr interviews historians on, well, hidden treasures of the UK’s histories.

Recommended episode: Prostitution with Hallie Rubenhold

7. Great Women Artists
Starting off as an Instagram account showcasing the work and stories of the incredible women artists of the world, contemporary and historic – Katy Hessel presents interviews with figures in the art world about their favourite artists that happen to be women.
Recommended episode: Hans Ulrich Orbist on Faith Ringgold and Luchita Hurtado.

6. Stuff You Missed In History Class
The folk behind this show really know their stuff, and produce well researched but digestible episodes about lesser known and exciting aspects of history.

Recommended episode: Mindy Johnson and the Women of Disney

5. Page 7
Celeb gossip more your thing? Three brilliant comedians present this weekly rant/chat/update on what you’ve seen trending online. I’ve recently been enjoying their pop history episodes where they take a deep dive into subjects ranging from the life and work of John Waters to the classic movie, Clueless.

4. Sounds From the Shadows
This is a beautiful podcast about folklore, fairies and strange, spooky stories.
Fun fact: they also do story telling/shadow puppetry as Tales from the Shadows.

Recommended episode: Devil Stories or Cats.

3. Art Matters
This show is produced by Ferren Gipson for Art UK, and speaks brilliantly to how art intersects with popular culture. The enticing episode titles will have you firing through the entire back catalogue in now time. Who doesn’t want to know which art-works are referenced in hip-hop? During quarantine, Gipson has been giving 1 minute lectures on famous paintings on social media – highly recommended!

Recommended episode: The Art of Disney Animation ft. Charles Soloman.

2. Today In Focus
This magazine podcast from the Guardian is a great way to start your commute from your bed to the couch. It brings the headline story of the day to you when you want to get your Work Hat on but you can’t bear to read a whole news article with your eyes.

1. All Killa No Filla
This is the perfect podcast for comedy and true crime fans with a conscience. These brilliant British comedians Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard-McLean, start off every episode with a disclaimer on why they make the podcast, at their live shows take donations of menstrual products for local charities and run the podcast completely add free (cause there’s nothing worse than hearing a tryingly-cheery advert for cat litter whilst you’re still reeling from the gruesome details of a crime scene). There is however, a lot of Filla but lucky for you – it’s all hilarious, and when I listen I feel like I’m in the ‘how it feels to listen to podcasts’ meme. You know the one. These Legends are hilarious, sincere and definitely worth a listen.

Recommended episode: Elizabeth Bathory.


Last but certainly not least, how could I write a blog on podcasts for GWL without mentioning my favourite episodes of their podcasts? The 21 Revolutions Podcast was produced for a program of the same name that celebrated the library’s 20th year and my favourite episode features Jackie Kay, a personal idol of mine, and the Scots Makar. In this episode we get to hear poems by Kay how they’re supposed to be heard – being read by their writer.

And if that’s your kind of thing, there are more poets reading their creations on the Glasgow Women’s Library Podcast in the poetry slam episodes. In a recent episode, writer, creative, presenter and digital communications specialist Tomiwa Folorunso talks to Dr Natasha A. Kelly, discussing Natasha’s work as an academic artist and what it’s like to exist in this world with a black body.

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