NMRD Object of the Month: Commemorative Puzzle Book

Established in 2012, the National Museum of Roller Derby (NMRD) is the UK’s first permanent collection of ephemera and memorabilia relating to the sport of Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby. Our ‘Object of the Month’ celebrates objects from our ever expanding collections.

We want your old team shirts, flyers, zines and other paraphernalia to illustrate the remarkable development of the sport in the UK. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for future announcements on how to donate items to the Museum.

Photos taken by Rebel Rebel #15 (aka Catheine Hemelryk) with thanks to Joe Brown & Luke Harby.

July 2019

Roller derby turns 10 in the UK! The oldest leagues in Europe turned ten in 2016–17 including the London Rockin’ Rollers, who hosted the first intraleague game in Europe playing the Birmingham Blitz Dames in July 2007. This PuzzLRR was a commemorative puzzle book inspired by the history of LRR available at the Old School Rules Game they held for their tenth birthday in 2017.

Roller Derby themed puzzle book cover featuring a wordsearch

Roller Derby themes puzzle book crossword

Roller Derby themed puzzle book page featuring anagrams and a number game

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