Memories of Seeing Things 18th May 2019

This Seeing Things trip was to The Tramway to see Pia Camil’s Bara, Bara, Bara and the Hidden Gardens.

I wanted to let everyone know how wonderful the experience was and I decided the best way to this was through pictures. I created the following (let’s call it a zine).

Seeing Things Visits Tramway & Hidden Gardens
Front Cover
Saturday 18th May 2019. Discovering a hidden keyring. A pair of jeans on pink t-shirt. Pia Camil's installation before Seeing Things' visit! Brilliant rainbow turtle design on t-shirt. Noticing a keyring hidden in the jeans pile.
Page 1
'Bara' shortened from ... 'Barato' Mexican for 'Cheap'. "Bara, bara, bara" is the cry of street vendors at Iztapalapa street markets of Mexico. Deconstructed t-shirts. Sewn together. Large 'tarpaulin'. Suspended in the installation.
Page 2
T-shirts & jeans produced in Latin America for retailers & organisations in U.S.A. Illicitly find their way back to Mexico City's street markets. Large deconstructed & reformed stretches of fabric, suspended: creates the impression of Mexico City's street market. Funny messages were found. Tarpaulins were colour coded. Jeans' waistbands sewn together & stuffed with jeans. Key chain(s) from Glasgow's Barras.
Page 3
The Seeing Things group find, explore and enjoy The Hidden Gardens (Despite the Glaswegian weather).
Final Page

If you like the look of what we got up to on Saturday 18th May – why not consider joining us in the future. The next trip is on Tuesday 28th May 2019 (GoMA) or perhaps you would prefer Friday 21st June 2019 St Mungo’s Museum.

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