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I enjoy taking part in Donna Moore’s Fearties creative writing sessions at the Women’s Library: which is a little surprising as I am dyslexic (and have had my struggles with literacy). The following piece of writing is my response to taking part in the Dear Diary and Dear Agony Aunt creative writing sessions recently.


Attention! Why did you come? To a Fearties Writing Session.

Remembering previous writing with Donna.

Talented teacher. Mentoring words. Tutoring prompts.

Extreme learning without fear.

Manifesting joy and insight.

In others hands. Less skilled hands. Egotistical hands.

Skills isolated and hidden.

In obscurity, brilliance fails.

Absolutely not in Donna Moore’s sessions!


In Donna’s Dear Diary session, I’m freed to write, to express how the outside world can feel. :-

Rules these are the RULES of that outside world.

  • Please me!
  • Flatter me!
  • Do what I say, except when I want you to read my mind.
  • Do what I say on the day that I say it! I don’t care what I said before.
  • Do not have a mind of your own (I am your controller). Except of course when I want you to have a brain in that air head of yours.
  • Do not get upset when I tell you what to think!
  • Do not get confused due to what you see as contradictory rules! I am NEVER contradictory: I am ALWAYS correct.
  • I will MICROMANAGE you. I don’t care if you would be more efficient your way! My way I tell you, my way!

So says Mr Wright Managing Director of One Way Ego Supplies: The best source of stress for all your employee needs.


Highly scintillating discussion.

Even although we are not blethering

Regular periods of quiet, to collect our ideas and write…

Lots of breaks for my neural processes

Everyone is concentrating on their own creativity.

Talent gives due consideration to prompts.
Suddenly in writing sessions everyone ponders the prompts.

The level playing field is not achieved through treating everyone the same.

A community of equality is brought about by adjusting environments for people.

Let’s talk! Let’s think!! Let’s write!!!

Keep reading, if you enjoy reading! Keep creating, if you live to create!! Keep blethering if talking works for you!!!

Silence is also an option. Silence does not need to be filled! Silence is golden.

Talking, writing and Body language all forms of communication.

Others talk. I listen. I think. I watch. And then I write.

Reading helps some. Talking helps others. Writing helps me.


Because previous Fearties sessions have increased confidence!

Everyone gathers again.


Attending Donna’s Dear Agony Aunt event this time.

Remembering peace, calm and solace.

Talents re-emerge.

Extra creativity.


Imaginations unleashed: dance, sing and rejoice.

Story-telling begins

In bygone girls annuals we find inspiration.

And writing begins!


A group of young girls. Who it is assumed are virgins.

Their mothers certainly hope their darlings were protected.

As they watch the procession ascend the stairs.

The mothers huddle at the bottom. Straight and tall: elegant elms sway as one in the breeze.

They observe, hoping against hope to see the promised never-ending stairway, their daughters ascend. The ‘summit’ in sight?!?


Why them?

Why us?

Why now?



Better together,

Learning and chatting.

Exchanging ideas,

Through writing.


More information about creative writing:

To find out more about upcoming creative writing sessions at GWL follow this link (new workshop dates announced on 23rd May 2019)


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