Women Making It and Seeing Things

I have been enjoying taking part in Seeing Things trips (volunteer led trips to museums, art galleries and events) and Women Making It arts and crafts sessions that take place on Friday morning (every fortnight) at the Women’s Library.

On Saturday 20th April (Easter weekend) the Seeing Things group (Find out more about Seeing Things) visited the Glasgow Zine Fest at the CCA. We attended the ‘Fiercely Independent and Queer’ talk from owners of Category Is Books, Glasgow’s only queer bookshop before having a cup of tea (or coffee) and finally taking in the stalls of self-published zines (on a wide range of topics).

While we were drinking our beverages and chatting it became clear that some members of the group would enjoy making their own zines (in a supportive and safe space). This gave us the opportunity to advertise the regular Women Making It (Find out more about Women Making It) sessions at the Library.

I sometimes help Syma who organises and leads Women Making It, I let her know that there was demand for Zine making and she agreed that could be our next session. On Friday 26th April we Made Zines at GWL. I made the zine below (I had created the word clouds for a previous event and I recycled some old programmes we usually use to make recycled notebooks):


A collage of my "What Glasgow Women's Library Means To Me" zine. That I made at Women Making It. It contains 4 word clouds (which are green, red and black on a white background which reflects the library's logo) created using the Shapego app. The zine itself was created using yellow paper. I recycled some pictures from previous programme booklets for further illustrations.
A collage of the zine I made (at Women Making It) about my personal experience of Glasgow Women’s Library! It contains 4 word clouds, created using the Shapego app. I recycled some pictures from previous programme booklets for further illustrations.

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