#WomanOfTheWeek Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Follow our new campaign called #WomanOfTheWeek. Each week we will focus on a new, important, historical female writer and post about her and her work. We will be highlighting the lives of the well-known, groundbreaking feminist writers, as well as the, sometimes, lesser known female authors. Feel free to contribute! We would love to hear your input as to what female authors you want to learn more about/or perhaps teach us about.

This week’s #WomanOfTheWeek is Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Pink background with blue text that reads “This week’s #WomanOfTheWeek is none other than the author of the all-time best-selling book of the Feminist Press, The Yellow Wallpaper (1892). Though mostly known for her writing, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, was also a successful lecturer and an intellectual.”

Pink post with blue text that reads "Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s critique of the normative marriage institution and family conventions is clearly explored in several of her novels. In The Yellow Wallpaper (1892) Gilman portrays the status of women’s mental health and describes the thoughts of a woman who feels desperately trapped. In Herland (1915), a utopian feminist novel, she creates a society of parthenogenic women, who have formed a harmonious and peaceful life without men whatsoever. Both groundbreaking, both radical, both important early feminist works!! Check them out (they are both available at GWL)."

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