#FlashFictionFriday – A #FFF-ond #FFF-arewell #FFF-rom Sue.

Our #FlashFictionFriday elicited some wonderful humorous stories last week.  This week we are offering two images, both from the world of roller derby to tempt your creative appetite!

Perhaps these images will tempt you to try writing a tiny story.  Don’t worry if you’ve never done any thing like this before – many of those who have submitted little pieces of flash fiction have been new to writing too.  Just see where your imagination takes you!

As usual, here are a few hints and tips – but remember they are just guidelines – not rules!

  • be brief – cut right to the action, make every word count and take out any unnecessary words
  • avoid adjectives and adverbs – they take up space!
  • hint at the larger backstory – the reader will fill in detail which is not explicit – trust them!
  • limit the number of characters and scenes
  • remember the iceberg – only the tip visible and a much larger story going on underneath
  • be bold and ambitious – a powerful story can be told in just a few words
  • tweet us your story of up to 240 characters – #FlashFictionFriday remembering to tag us: @womenslibrary
  • if you are not a twitter user you can e-mail your story to info@womenslibrary.org.uk

Two weeks ago  we blogged about accomplished flash fiction writer, Meg Pokrass.  This week we have been looking at the work of Tania Hershman.  Tania writes short fiction and poetry; you can find out more about her take on flash fiction here: http://www.taniahershman.com/flashfiction.htm

You can read an interview with Tania here: https://theshortstory.co.uk/the-short-story-interview-tania-hershman/

For anyone wishing to reach a wider audience with their flash fiction stories, the Scottish Book Trust organises a monthly flash fiction competition.  Each month a new prompt is offered.  You can find out more here:


Over the past few weeks , #FlashFictionFriday has been brought to you by Sue, our post-graduate M.Litt. student.  Her internship with GWL finishes today but this is not the end of #FlashFictionFriday.  Look out for new prompts appearing here in the weeks to come and remember to get creative, folks, it’s #FFF-un!

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