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Photograph of Mhairi walking down the busy streets of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Mhairi is looking back into the camera. The sun is shining brightly into the camera reflecting the rays. Two cars are beside her parked. Hi there! I am Mhairi, and I am delighted to say I have joined Glasgow Women’s Library as the latest intern for 3 months.

I am from Glasgow, however I have been studying BA Journalism up in Aberdeen at Robert Gordon University for the last three years. I have reached my third year at university, which means graduation is moving ever so closer and it’s time to go out into the working world to gain some experience.

Looking for internships has not been easy despite Glasgow being one of the biggest cities for media. I was struggling to find anywhere and I was becoming more and more stressed.

One day I came across Glasgow Women’s Library. I looked into the history and activities of the Glasgow Women’s Library, and was instantly inspired to contact them. It was appealing to work with others who reflected my own beliefs. It seemed I had caught a brush of luck, I heard back immediately and before I knew it I was confirmed to work as an intern here and, I was having my first meeting with my supervisors.

My first week has been so fun and positive. Everyone here at GWL have been friendly, warm and welcoming. And as someone who suffers from anxiety, this has made me really grateful. Meeting new people and being in a different environment could make any anxiety sufferer freak out but I can honestly say, I have had zero worries since starting here.

I will be posting content for the social media platforms, as well creating blog posts and news articles. And during my time here I hope to learn more about issues such as inequality, racism and the hardships within the LGBTQI+ community.

I am looking forward to this new journey I am about to embark on at Glasgow Women’s Library, and I hope all you lovely readers will share it with me.


Until next time…




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