It’s A (New) Kinda Magic (Book Review)

“Children Of Blood And Bone” by Tomi Adeyemi (Paperback Macmillan 2018) YA FICTION 

reviewed by Jay Andrew, Front of House volunteer

A sister and a brother. A brother and a sister. A whole lot of magic.
World building at its best – it effortlessly blends Nigerian and African culture and mythology/ religion into a whole new fantasy epic with characters who will surprise you and also themes that are very pertinent in our world too.
Definitely channelling Black Panther as the author insists – I am so looking forward to the planned film.
If you enjoy Laini Taylor, George RR Martin and Patrick Rothfuss, you will love this.
It is quite graphic in its violence but it is all necessary to the storytelling and the pace and is never gratuitous. And the hints at romance bubbling under are deftly handled.
It has been marketed as a young adult book but I would say it is more suited to much older teens – and old farts like me can enjoy it just as well.
I look forward to the next instalment in the promised trilogy.

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