Book Review: ‘Island Wife : living on the edge of the wild’ by Judy Fairbairns

Island wife: living on the edge of the wild‘ by Judy Fairbairns (Paper Back – Two Roads edition) 

This intriguing book relates the story of Judy Fairbairns herself from the moment she met her husband to the moment where she truly becomes who she wanted to be.

I will have to admit that I rarely read any biographies, as I am usually more attracted to fiction, and the whole world different from mine they have to offer. But I have chosen to make an exception with this book as soon as I read the summary, and the words “Scottish Island”, “Fresh Air”, and “Woman’s life” totally got me into it.

Will I ever admit out loud that I secretly wish that, someday, someone will associate those words to me?

At first, it took me a while to get used to the writing style of the author, and how she choose to bring the dialogue in her writing. But after a few chapters, I became more and more attached to Judy, to the young woman she was and the wife she became. We can admit that her life is not the usual one. The changes she had to face, because of love, for her family, and for herself, has given a whole new twist to this book that could simply have been the story of a difficult life on a Hebridean Island.

In fact, this book is more about the search for freedom in a chosen life that can sometimes become a burden. Judy Fairbairns conveys with subtlety and delicacy the want for freedom that any woman can feel in different moments of her life, or different stages of her own construction.

This book was really a bit of fresh air, and appears to me as an ode to the hard work of people who choose to live in the islands, that look as beautiful as they are full of surprises.

You can now discover this wonderful story on our shelves, come and make your own opinion that you can share with us!


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