Seeing Things: Claire Heminsley and House for an Art Lover

In mid-February, Seeing Things took a trip out to Bellahouston Park to visit Claire Heminsley‘s exhibition, Objects of Celebration, and House for an Art Lover. We were really lucky to be given a tour of the exhibition by Louise Briggs, the Arts and Heritage Officer at HFAAL, and on top of that, to get a guided tour of the House itself!

Heminsley’s exhibition is all about celebration, and Louise explained to us that the sculptures were based on words people associate with celebration and were designed to inspire joy. Cheesy as it sounds, I really did feel joyous seeing all the objects on springs, and reading the words people think of when they’re thinking about celebrations! Myself and Linda took some photos to share with you, and we hope they’ll encourage you to visit the exhibition, if you’re in a position to do so, which runs until March 4th, 2018. House for an Art Lover is open throughout the year, and you can check their opening hours on their website.


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