Coming Soon: Rupi Kaur’s milk and honey and the sun and her flowers

Rupi Kaur’s poetry collections combine simple prose with a powerful message, gaining popularity on social media for her illustrations as well as her writing.

Her debut collection, milk and honey initially began as a series on Instagram, divided into four sections. Each deals with a different aspect of life, healing heartbreak and finding something good in every situation even when it feels impossible. The simplicity in her writing only adds to the power of her statements – there is no mistaking the message she aims to deliver in her poetry. The way the collection is split (covering subjects such as abuse, loss, love and suffering) allows Kaur to take readers on a journey with her, and show them that even the most difficult of circumstances are possible to overcome.

Kaur’s newest collection, the sun and her flowers, covers her observations on love, loss, freedom and society. Coupled with her illustrations, inspires readers to grow and reflect on who they are and what they could be. Her honesty would find any reader challenged to not find at least one poem they connect with through her exploration of basic human feeling and universal experience. The strong feminist voice throughout both collections emphasises the importance of womanhood and the way others and our individual experiences work to shape the way we are today.


Both milk and honey and the sun and her flowers are coming soon to our lending library.

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