A Banner for GWL – donate fabric to Fiona!

Yellow fabric tied up with a red ribbon and a large label describing that it has been donated by Adele and was once part of a make-shift table-cloth for pot luck parties at GWL.
Our first fabric donation!

This Summer, artist Fiona Jack joined us from New Zealand to host a workshop asking ‘What would a GWL banner in our 25th year look like? What might it say? How could it be used?’

At the workshop we shared lots of suggestions and one which we need your help with! We would like to incorporate pieces of fabric in the banner which have been donated by GWL’s borrowers, visitors, Friends, staff and volunteers.

This fabric might be used by Fiona to make some of the shapes/imagery or lettering on the banner so we have a few notes below about what would work best:

  • Fabric size to be between 20cm squared to 1metre squared.
  • Donation of fabric to reach Glasgow Women’s Library by early October 2017.
  • Nothing that is very fine or very thick (e.g. no chiffon) and nothing stretchy, as these are tricky to work with.
  • Natural fabrics like wool, cotton, linen, silk, will work well. Vintage fabrics in good condition particularly welcomed.
  • Fabric can be in any colour but should not have a pattern.
  • We are also happy to receive donations of ribbon of any length, vintage ribbon is preferred.

Fabric donations sought until 4th October

Please bring your fabric to GWL before 4th October. Be sure to label the fabric to answer the following questions: who the fabric is donated by, how you know GWL, why you chose this fabric, and the dimensions of the fabric.

If you would like to be kept in touch please include your email address and phone number on the back of the label. Unfortunately we aren’t able to return any fabric that isn’t used.

Thank you for helping Fiona make a banner for GWL! We hope you can join us for the launch of Fiona Jack’s exhibition ‘Our Red Aunt’ on Thursday 1st February 2018, 6pm to 7.30pm. Fiona will be making the banner in New Zealand before including it in her exhibition ‘Our Red Aunt’ and then donating it to GWL.

For more information about Fiona’s project or to book for ‘Our Red Aunt’ exhibition launch, please see here.

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