We Are GWL: Kathryn, Katie and Niamh


Can you tell us a bit about what you do at GWL?

Niamh: I’m mainly on Front of House, but I’ve helped with the Lesbian Archives and wrote about the journal Urania. I am always up for helping in every field people need me in.

Katie: I’m Front of house too. I used to be part of the Young Critics project and have volunteered since that ended [in June 2016]. I do lots of fun creative stuff for the Library. I design vouchers and badges and do other Front of House stuff.

Kathryn: I’m here on an internship for eight weeks. One day I am part of the Community Curators group with Krisztina.  On Thursdays I’m in the archives working on the Speaking Out project. I also do general Front of House stuff.


What do you most enjoy about GWL?

Niamh: What don’t we enjoy?! I love for me personally that all my interests are under one roof. Intersections of culture, social discussions, inclusion, literature and great fun events raising awareness of important issues.

Katie: I don’t know how to follow that answer! You get to meet so many inspiring women here. There are so many things you get to do: [helping with] events or creative things or just speaking to interesting people visiting from other countries.

Kathryn: I’ve not been here that long… but I enjoy meeting such a wide variety of people and hearing all their stories as well.


Who have you meet thanks to the library?

Kathryn: I’ve meet you guys [Niamh and Katie]. Gabrielle, Kristina, and other community creators and other volunteers.

Katie: I’ve meet some of my closest pals. That seems faux deep or false but its true.  Some people I’ve meet here are now my best friends.

Niamh: I’ve meet many female creatives in Scotland.  Top artists, authors and curators. There is opportunities to meet highly respected individuals.


What have you learnt?

Niamh: I’ve learn archiving skills, how not be afraid phone calls and library administrative skills. And that spaces can be used for multiple purposes.

Katie: I sure have learn a lot. I’m more confident. I was a ball of anxiety when I started. Being part of Young Critics taught me photographic, filming and critical skills.  And how to look at art.

Kathryn:  [So far] archiving and object handling. And running reception too and answering phones.


What is the worst thing about the GWL?

Everyone:  NOTHING. Maybe just when the biscuits run out.


 Describe GWL in one word.

Niahm: Oh! just one! Inspiring. Safe is a good one as well. But also its not…as it has radical ideas!

Katie: Comforting. Now I have a full-time job as well I know elsewhere people can be horrible and non-inclusive. It is comforting knowing people here as they are so nice. People are represented and it feels safe.

Kathryn: Friendly. I’ve not met one person here who isn’t.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering with us please visit this page.  And you can read about other volunteers and their experiences here.


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