Volunteer Photo Project: Eilidh

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Please introduce yourself: My name is Eilidh. I am 27 years old and have volunteered for two years. 

What is your role at the library and what does it entail?­ A lot of different jobs. I made the badges for staff at the library and work mostly with the Hens Tae Watch Oot Fur zine in which I do my own comics and help edit.

What attracted you to the organisation?  ­ It is a long story. I used to go to LGBT Youth Scotland. One day representatives of the Glasgow Women’s Library turned up to talk about Hens Tae Watch Oot Fur and said anything could be submitted. I thought about it for six months before joining. They were very nice. I am transsexual and was scared when invited as I worried it would be trans exclusionary but it wasn’t. They were incredibly nice and I appreciated that. They invited me and I donated badges for a thing called badges for honour. The GWL has helped me with my anxiety and leaving my home as well.

Sum up the library in one word: Diverse.

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