Seeing Things trip to the People’s Palace

Linda, a member of the Seeing Things group, writes about the visit to the People’s Palace.

After coming into the People’s Palace we were greeted by two members of staff who gave information and leaflets.

We first visited Floor Two which housed “Visions of the City”.  This included various items depicting important protests over the years in Glasgow, such as the Poll Tax, Strikes and the famous Rent Strike.  There were also items connected to the famous visit of Nelson Mandela and the societies of the Women’s Guild and Co-operative Movement.

A section was dedicated to “The Red Road Cultural Project” which dealt with the High Rise Flats on Red Road which have now been demolished.  A series of videos including people talking about their lives in the flats, a video of falcons nesting (which delayed the actual demolition by a year) and the actual demolition.

Floor One gave information on Barlinnie Prison including a film detailing information on the death cell and the hangings at the prison.  There was also an Anderson Shelter and various items regarding rationing, items available during the war, children being evacuated to safer areas of Britain.

It was an interesting visit and certainly got me interested in visiting other Museums.


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