Pack, Move and Unpack

We have moved! For the last few days the Glasgow Women’s Library has been settling into it’s new home in Bridgeton. The process of moving has been long but definitely worthwhile to finally get the library into it’s lovely new premises.

We are now starting the difficult process of unpacking and getting everything sorted to our liking, however we are moving quickly and making huge progress. Yesterday afternoon was my first day of unpacking and things were already starting to take shape. It is marvelous to see all the books being put in their places. The ability to spread the libraries collection about a bit has really made the collection look far bigger than it did previously.The libraries book collection really seems rather impressive considering all of our books were donated.

Since the move I have really started to notice some of the fantastic architectural designs in the old Bridgeton Public Library building. There is little interesting bits of architecture scattered all around the building and it really creates a sense of grandeur being in such an old and beautiful piece of Glasgow’s history. There is also a general feeling of warmth within  the building, which I am sure will be greatly appreciated when we really hit the worst of Glasgows winter weather.

All in All things are moving along swimmingly and we are all eagerly awaiting the opening day on the 11th of November. It’s great to finally have a new space better suited for libraries needs and allow it to develop and progress.


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