When God was a rabbit

A Reading for Wellbeing recommended read

When God was a rabbit by Sarah Winman

This novel is the story of the life of Elly through her relationships with family, friends and a rabbit.

It is in two parts, each interjected with historical events which influence, in varying degrees, her life`s path.

Part 1 covers her first 27yrs when she is an awkward child, with few friends her own age, resulting in a strong  bond with her older brother. As a lonely child she develops a relationship with an older neighbour, who abuses her trust and only her brother is aware of this secret, which he keeps for years.  At school she has one friend Jenny Penny, who home background is completely  different, therefore fascinating,  to Elly. They share several adventures and their relationship survives a house move and forced separation. The move to a new home in Cornwall , complete with all the eccentric, exotic and liberated characters with whom Elly is acquainted,  ensure a unique  upbringing.

Part 2 describes the adult, wage earning Elly, who re-establishes her relationship with Jenny Penny. She has to cope with illness and ageing in people she cares about. She witnesses a national disaster and the effect it has on her immediate family.

This book bring made me laugh out loud, angry and sad, but above all appreciate the love bonds we all have and should treasure.

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  • Posted 22nd January, 2013 at 4:34 pm | Permalink

    I have read this and really enjoyed it. I echo the comments about the love bonds we all have and should treasure. I felt that this book handles some sensitive issues really well. I definitely recommend it as a reading for wellbeing read if you have ever been effected by losing touch with loved ones or growing apart.

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