Wigtown Women’s Heritage Walk podcast

Wigtown Women’s Heritage Walk podcast is now available to download for free.  Kriss Nichol from Wigtown women’s walk group tells us a little about how the podcast was made:

I’ve been working with other members of the Wigtown women’s walk group to produce a podcast of our women’s heritage walk, which will be available on the GWL website and is suitable for everyone, including people with visual impairment and learning disabilities. We applied successfully to the Galloway Association for funding to help us and then recorded it with the help of Louise Storrie. It was recorded with the help of local young people in the Kaos Cafe, which is the main the youth centre in Wigtown.

Many other members of the local community were also involved in the recording, from undertaking research, writing the script, reading extracts, finding music and trialling the first version. It was great fun to do
and created a lot more interest in the town. So much so, that during the Wigtown Book Festival there were over 40 people turned up to do the walk, many of them from the local area.

Women's History Walk at the Wigtown Book Festival 2011
Women's History Walk at the Wigtown Book Festival 2011

Download: Wigtown Women’s Heritage Walk Podcast

Download: Wigtown Women’s Walk Leaflet (PDF)


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