Amy Fleischer

Amy Fleischer, 17th October 2008

When did you visit/volunteer at/use Glasgow Women’s Library?
Last autumn, when I was studying/living abroad in Glasgow.

What did you do?
Originally, I came to the Library for an event that was related to Scottish Festival of Arts and Mental Health- or something like that? It was a panel discussion regarding bibliotherapy and the role of writing/reading/books in the lives of women. I loved what I saw happening and offered to teach a bookmaking workshop. Eventually, we incorporated this into a papermaking workshop that was already going on…

Where are you now?
I recently moved to Seattle, Washington, USA in order to serve in a year-long, full time position at a girls wilderness and art program, which seeks to “educate and motivate girls to develop leadership and courage through the integrated exploration of the arts and the natural environment”!

What are you doing?
See above. I am also aiming to overcome gender barriers in the “shop” by learning all about woodworking at a community college here in Seattle… and whizzing around the city on a bike, which is another exercise in courage!

What is your memory of your time at GWL and did it influence where you are today?
Of course, it was absolutely exciting and empowering to see such creative and motivated women band together and provide resources or support to those in need. I loved the sense of sisterhood and the unique blend of interests represented at the GWL!

The opportunity that was given to me at the Library to teach and share my skills/love for bookmaking also inspired me to pursue similar opportunities elsewhere and be a “self-starter”. The Library truly represents a model for me, which I plan to return to, time and time again, wherever I may live.

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