New Booking System for Events

In February 2011 Glasgow Women’s Library are relaunching their lending collection which means you can join the library and get your library card and unique GWL number which allows you to borrow books! GWL are also taking this opportunity to streamline the way that you book onto courses and events.

How do I book onto a GWL event?

To attend an event or course you have to join the library: this is really easy to do and is completely FREE! Just complete a form to receive your borrowers card and we will have this ready for you when you come along to the event, or you can pop in to the library to register and pick up your card before the event.

Forms can be completed online, see below, or you can call in and see us to fill one out. We will soon be able to email you the form, please contact us online if you would like one sent to you. Alternatively you can call us on 0141 248 9969 and give all your details over the phone.

Why do I have to join the Library to Book onto an Event? 

Once you join the library you will be given your unique GWL number: this number relates to your information on our confidential system. This means you can register your details once rather than every time you book on to an event and for future bookings you just need to give us your GWL number. Easy! Even better, having your GWL number also means that you can borrow books and have access to our fabulous collection. Our Library staff can show you how.

What are the different prices?

It costs GWL £5 a week to support one learner to attend courses and events at Glasgow Women’s Library, and we see hundreds of learners walk through our doors on a weekly basis. We receive support from various funders but this doesn’t cover all our costs.

While a lot of our events are free, we do ask for a small contribution towards some of our learning events. Where you see prices listed against an event these generally fall under 2 categories:

Full Price for people who feel that they can afford to pay a few pounds to attend events and want to contribute to the library’s work.
Subsidised Rates/Free for students, people on a low income, unemployed or in receipt of benefits – we do not ask for proof of this, it is done on a trust basis and you self evaluate your situation.

GWL Friends can access all our learning programmes for free. More information on how to become a friend of GWL can be found here.

You will be asked which category you fall into when you join the Library so you only give us this information once, it is completely confidential, and you can update this at any time if your circumstances change. All the money we receive helps us in providing events and courses, and directly supports the work of the Glasgow Women’s Library.

Why is it important to book?

It is important for us to know how many people to expect at all events as this impacts on planning the spaces we use and how many staff and biscuits and teabags we need! It is also important so that we can ensure you have all the details you need about an event and we sometimes need to contact people ahead of the day. It is also just as important for you to cancel a place in advance if you can’t attend as we often have waiting lists for events and it’s a shame if someone misses out on an event they would have loved to attend.

All that is left to do is book on to our events, we look forward to seeing you very soon.

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