Our book wish list

We’re always looking for newly published or ‘must-have’ books to keep the library collection fresh, exciting and a lovely place to browse!  We have no budget for new books, so we’re always very grateful for donations from library users, supporters and publishers.

Here are some books that have made their way onto our ‘wish list’.  Many of them come with a glowing recommendation from our learners and borrowers.

If you’d like to donate any of these books, we’d be absolutely delighted!

  • Any of these books from this Fiction for Young Women wish list
  • Lost and found: queerying the archive, published by Museum Tusculanum Press, 2016
  • The archival turn in feminism: outrage in order by Kate Eichhorn, published by Temple University Press, 2013
  • Playing in the dark: whiteness and the literary imagination by Toni Morrison, 1992
  • The meaning of freedom and other difficult dialogues by Angela Davis, 2012
  • The poetry of Arab women: a contemporary anthology edited by Nathalie Handal (2001)
  • The heart goes last by Margaret Atwood, published by Bloomsbury, 2015
  • Jellyfish by Janice Galloway, published by Freight Books, 2015
  • Feminism is for everybody by bell hooks, 2000
  • Pro by Katha Pollitt, published by  Barnes and Noble, 2014
  • Poisoned apples: poems for you, my pretty by Christine Heppermann
  • We should all be feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, published by Fourth Estate, 2014
  • The complete collected poems of Maya Angelou, published by Virago, 1994
  • Moranthology by Caitlin Moran, published by Ebury Press , 2014
  • One-dimensional woman by Nina Power, published by Zero Books, 2009
  • Reorienting western feminisms: women’s diversity in a post-colonial world by Chilla Bulbeck, published by Cambridge University Press, 2007